I’m Yanay 😀 I am an independent thinker, passionate about entrepreneurship and new technologies. My natural interest in the business world lad me to develop growth marketing skills in the startups’ niche. These days, I’m mostly interested in Blockchain technology, OSS and startups investing.

My most recent project was with Prism Labs, there I helped build a community development platform focused on crypto projects.
If you’re curious to know what I’m up to now, please go here

I occasionally write short blog posts on Medium.
My personality type is ISTJ

💡Some of my favorites on web:

🏞🏝 Out of the office: When I’m not replying to your emails, I’m probably busy mountain biking, meditating, walking my Saluki dogs or baking [sweet-as] Neapolitan pizzas 🍕

I’m currently spending my time mostly between Israel and Switzerland.

I invite you to ‘Yo’ me at yo@yanayprop.com 👋 or get connected with me on Twitter