My ‘Now’ Page

(inspired by and also published on nownownow in the courtesy of Sivers)

What I’m doing now

For work, I’m doing freelance work in digital marketing. Currently focusing on a user acquisition project for capital managers/instruments in Israel.

On the side, I’m exploring and learning a lot as usual! Currently focused on building with ‘NoCode’ tools, self-bootstrapped businesses and the idea of the Sovereign Individual as a thesis for investing in decentralized technology.

In 2018, I worked for a Y-Combinator backed startup called Prism Labs, there I helped to build a Blockchain community development platform. At Prism, I did all-things Growth, including user acquisition, sales and business development. It was my first experience at a startup, and I learned a ton.

So far, I’ve been working 100% remotely 🌎😎