what am I up to in life now?

As a young dude(21yo while writing this piece), I’m still experimenting with areas of interest and the exploration of entrepreneurship. nowadays, I’m mostly into tech and VC tech investing specifically.

I find tech investing interesting because I’m obsessed with capitalism, and think technology is the most interesting and valuable asset on our planet. I admire entrepreneurs and see them as some sort of superhumans. There’re so many things to learn from them, and getting to work with them and invest in their success is a unique privilege to me.

That being said, I mostly admire entrepreneurs who bootstrap their own business without external backers. This way, businesses cannot “fake it till you make it”, and the greatest company cultures are formed(see Jason Fried‘s Basecamp, and Derek Sivers‘s CD baby).

To me, Blockchain is the most interesting innovation layer of the internet in the last 10 years. I spend most of my time focusing on learning and exploring new projects in this space.

I have yet to find a formal place to learn and work in that niche, but hey, nothing is formal in life, and if it is, most chances it’s boring.

And until then, who knows, maybe I’ll just start my own business.