Top lessons from missed opportunities in Venture Capital

The past decade had been the most significant to tech venture capitalists’ portfolios. The result is driven by extreme growth and user adoption of internet monopolies’ products following an extreme version of the 80/20 principle for value creation. While some of the investment opportunities in these ‘high-growth'(as Elad Gil puts it) companies were hard toContinue reading “Top lessons from missed opportunities in Venture Capital”

Phragmen's method and how it affects staking in (N)PoS Blockchains

As part of my interest to understand Blockchains, I look at sophisticated terms and try to simplify them – so I could understand their role better, and help others to do so too. As I learned from the best, writing is the best way to do it, so I give my first try in thisContinue reading “Phragmen's method and how it affects staking in (N)PoS Blockchains”

I want to live in a DAO

After coming back from AraCon, back in January, I couldn’t stop thinking about the parallels between a DAO and my small hometown — A Kibbutz in Israel. Important — those not familiar with the term DAO, I’d suggest checking and the DAO incubator The goal of writing this I’ve published this piece to emphasize one of the most potentially impactfulContinue reading “I want to live in a DAO”